MAGIC BOX postcard growing your architectural icon making an eco-experience


At MAGIC BOX we believe the Internet and the social networks do not prevent us from enjoying working with our hands, dreaming, being inspired, sharing, being creatives, inventing…

We create and manufacture cutomized postcards, made to to measure, with seeds inside, that with a little care and some water turns into an extraordinary gift, and full of life.


Foldout, self-assembly postcards with seeds

MAGIC BOX is much more that just a postcards, it’s a living postcards, that in little time it turns into a garden, an original gift that is captivating and fun.

  • If you are thinking of a promotional gift for your company, a really memorable one: MAGIC BOX.
  • If you need hihgly profitable, easy to sell merchandising for your firm: MAGIC BOX.


100% made to measure projects

Tell us what you need: the facade of your company’s building, the profile of your facilities, your productes sorrounded by a 100% eco experience.

  • We design and manufacture all the postcards to measure.
  • We design and manufacture all the postcards to measure.

If you have got an idea, at MAGIC BOX, we will tur nit into a reality, so that your brand, company image, product or iconic building impacts deeply in everyone beholding it grow every day.

Perfect for:

  • Sport clubs: Football, golf, equestrian sports, tennis, etc.
  • Touristic promotion campaigns
  • Historic buildings
  • Companies
  • Public institutions


MAGIC BOX is easy to assemble, put up and grow and in addition you can sen dit by post worldwide

You just need to pour the soil evenly, pour some water until the soil is wet.

S’hi diposita la terra seca de manera uniforme i s’hi aboca aigua fins que la terra tingui aspecte de mullat.

Pour the seed on the wet soil evenly

Just spray water once or twice a day.

4 days later the seeds will start to sprout and in 10 days your garden will be ready.

If you want to send it, you just need to frank it at your nearest post office.

Contact: Tel. 628120547